Short Film Making in Tokyo! TKY 2015


This project is about making a short-flim on the city of Tokyo and exploring its people and its culture.
What kind of memories of Tokyo are there?  How are these fade, forgotten and lost? How are these memories accumulate?

The film will be 6 stories about one “place,” directed by 6 up-and-coming young filmmakers/artists.  Screenings, events, and research will be done to create an original piece that captures the city’s hidden scents and atmosphere, unexplainable with words.

From Tokyo’s “old-town” section to the central Yamanote area, from skyscrapers to residential houses….  How are memories born, compiled, created, and expressed in our city of Tokyo which has many facets depending on the time and place?   The young emerging filmmakers/artists will tell the story that begins in the city and spreads through its history;  it may be fictional but will capture the continuous change in this city we live in.

***Kick Off Talk

January 17th, Sat.